How to Look After Orange Maine Coon Cats

The Discerning Cat

Orange Maine Coon cats are large, furry, and have one of the most gorgeous coats in the cat kingdom.

The Discerning Cat

But what makes them unique, and what do you need to know when getting an Orange Maine Coon cat?

The Discerning Cat

Orange Maine Coon Cat Diet

Try to use food that doesn’t contain preservatives, fillers, and artificial flavors, as these tend to mean the food is not as healthy for the cat. 

Exercise Requirements

Maine Coons are known to get obese if they stay indoors most of the time, so it’s essential you keep track of your cat’s weight. 

Although it’s not easy to notice if your Maine Coon is obese because of their longhaired coats, your local veterinarian can help you identify obesity in your cat. 

Training Your Orange Maine Coon Cat

I recommend using cat treats and pet training clickers, which you can get from the chewy website in the US and the pet supermarket in the UK. 

Grooming Your Orange Maine Coon Cat

You must groom your cat at least twice a week to prevent the tangling of its hair. If your Orange Maine Coon explores the outdoors regularly, you may need to groom them up to four times a week. 

Although these cats love grooming, I suggest getting your pet used to the feeling from kitten age, as it can be difficult getting into the routine the older they get. 

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