6 Stylish Leather Cat Collars Your Cat Will Love

Any decent pet store will have a wide range of collars for cats on offer. These vary from the functional to stylish leather cat collars to the downright over the top.

Buying the right collar for your cat can be quite an overwhelming choice – not to mention how many collars does your cat need?

So here are the key things you need to know to make the right choice of leather cat collars for your favourite feline.

These 1/4 inch leather cat collars are available in 11 different colors as well as a choice of 8 colors for the bell component.

Colourful Leather Cat Collars

These personalized leather cat collars can be engraved for kittens and large cats, the leather collar element can be customized and the collar has a black buckle.

Personalized Leather Cat Collars

These elegant leather cat collars made from premium quality soft leather in a variety of colors and styles. They are also available in multiple sizes for any neck size.

Breakaway Leather Cat Collars

Leather Cat Collar with ID tag

This gorgeous leather cat collar comes with a round ID tag which is attached to the collar.

Collars are adjustable to fit most cats (about 8″-12″) kittens ( about 6-10″ ) and have a breakaway buckle and bell for your cats safety.

Fancy “Leather” Cat Collars

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