Khao Manee

13 Interesting Facts You Need to Know

Let’s talk about a seriously rare and treasured breed– the Khao Manee. These cats are a highly valued and treasured feline breed from Thailand, the former Kingdom of Siam.

Khao Manee is legendary not only for its looks and revered ancestry but also because it may be the world’s most expensive cat.

Let’s look into what makes this cat so special. Here are 13 things you need to know about the Khao Manee.

In Thailand, the Khao Manee is respected as an ancient cat breed. They also bring good luck to those who love and revere them (don’t all cats do that?).

a Royal Cat From Thailand

They’re not just white: they’re snow-white and have short hair that runs smoothly over their bodies.

Khao Manees Are Snow White

One of the most striking features of the Khao Manee is their eyes. True aficionados look for the most exciting eye colors – the odd-eyed!

Khao Manee Features

The Khao Manee has no such difficulties, as it is not a designer cat per se. The breed is natural, with breeding only existing to isolate certain existing traits.

The Breed is Officially Recognized

They love to explore their environments and are active during their play sessions. They are also social and will gladly play with owners.

Khao Manees Are Fun And Social

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