Labradoodle and Cats: 6 Tips You Should Know

Labradoodles are crossbreeds of Miniature Toy Poodles and Labrador Retrievers. These pups are known for their curly coats and interesting personalities.

By understanding cat behavior and getting to know your pets, you might find that your Labradoodle and cat have become best friends.

According to their general personalities, Labradoodles and cats should be able to co-exist in your home peacefully. Although, there are a few specifics that may influence their relationship.

Can Labradoodles and Cats Live Together?

For new Labradoodles, socialization as a puppy is critical. Exposing them to other animals and many people is vital during their early puppy months. Ideally, your puppy should have some socialization before meeting your cat.

Introducing Labradoodles and Cats

They’ll need their own toys for stimulation and lots of treats to enforce good behavior at first. If your cat doesn’t already have a cat tree to climb up, now is a great time to get one.

Ensure They Have Their Own Space

That’s right, pets can get jealous too. With more than one animal in your house, you’ll need to share your attention equally.

Give Them Equal Attention

By keeping an eye on your pets, you’ll learn a lot about how they interact with each other and their individual personalities. And, of course, you’ll be nearby if the claws come out.

Supervise Your Pets

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