Lilac Point Siamese Cat | 12 Things You Need to Know

The Discerning Cat

The Lilac Point Siamese is one of four distinct types of Siamese and is among the most well-known. Lilac Points are known today for their exciting and unique coloring.

The Discerning Cat

It turns out that breeders and cat lovers didn’t recognize the Lilac Point at first, feeling it was just a variation on the Blue Point Siamese.

The Discerning Cat

When Lilac Points first appeared at chows, many “experts” dismissed them as poor quality Blue Point variations, presumably because of the similarity in color. 

Things to Know about Lilac Point Siamese Cats

Don’t consider adopting a Siamese if you like your cats to be independent. Siamese cats are notoriously clingy and will grab most opportunities to sit on or alongside you. 

Siamese Are Very Affectionate

Lilac Points are known by their seemingly light blue coats, which have little variation from head to toe – they are, in fact, the lightest of all the point variations.

Lilac Point Appearance

A healthy, balanced diet of protein, vitamins, and appropriate food is the standard for all pets and cats, and Siamese is no different. If anything, Lilac Point Siamese is active and will need mostly meat-based food daily

Food & Diet

Lilac Points are curious and playful, a typical Siamese personality. As mentioned, they are happiest when close to their humans and seldom like to be left alone.

Personality & Intelligence

Most owners of Lilacs will tell you that they are challenging to train. Yet, they are intelligent and will pick up on habits very quickly. 

Can You Train Lilac Point Siamese?

Hip Dysplasia is one of those conditions that afflict certain pets. Commonly, it’s associated with large dogs. But the Siamese is somewhat prone to the condition.

Common Issues With Lilac Point Siamese

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