Lykoi Cat – 16 Things to Know About The Werewolf Cat

The Discerning Cat

Ever hear about the werewolf cat? It isn’t some weird urban myth. The werewolf cat is actually a legitimate breed called the Lykoi.

The Discerning Cat

It’s called the werewolf cat because of the unusual appearance of its coat, which resembles that of a werewolf.

The Discerning Cat

It’s believed that the look of the cat is a result of natural mutation. It would seem that a pair of shorthair cats, both carrying a hairless gene, created offspring that carried this mutated gene.

Things to know about the Lykoi Cat

Breeders have sought to preserve the look of the cat by breeding the discovered Lykoi with domestic black cats. The Lykoi was originally found to be principally black, which is also the preferred color of the cat.

Preserving the Appearance

Lykoi cats are considered unique in that they were found as ferals and strays. The fact that they are now becoming a somewhat in-demand cat makes it a rather fortunate discovery.

Lykoi: The Second Chance Breed

This is a cat with a unique description in terms of color. A classic Lykoi has a combination of fur colors as it is partly black and partly amelanistic. This means that some of its hair has no melanin and is therefore colorless.

Physical Description Of  Lykoi Hair and Color

So, does the Lykoi act like a werewolf? Will it transform at midnight or at the sight of a full moon? Not as far as we know, although we can’t say the same for when you try to bathe them.

Lykoi Personality

Another unusual Lykoi trait is the ability to literally change color. Lykoi skin is usually pink, but researchers have discovered that it is able to turn dark, even black if exposed to sunlight and heat.

Lykois Sometimes Change Color

Lykoi have no undercoat and are barely covered with a standard coat, therefore, they must be considered strictly indoor cats. Neither cold- nor particularly warm weather will suit this cat.

Lykoi Should Stay Indoors

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