Maine Coon vs Normal Cat - 5 Key Differences

Is it okay to get a cat from a breeder when there are so many cats in a shelters?

It isn't an easy decision but it is one that only you can make.

So what are differences between a Maine Coon and a normal cat? And how would you then know which type of cat would be best for you and your home?

5 Things that are different between Maine Coon Cats & Normal Cats

1. Maine Coons are alot larger than normal cats

2. Maine Coons have much longer fur than normal cats

3. Maine Coons have bigger and pointier  ears than normal cats

4. Maine Coons have bigger eyes than normal cats and a wider range of eye colours

5. Maine Coons have the longest whiskers of any type of cat

Find out about more differences between Maine Coons and Normal Cats plus some similarities in My Post

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