Male vs Female Siamese Cats: Which Is Right For You?

Regardless of gender, Siamese cats are one of the most adorable and sought-after because of their stunning beauty and unique personality.

But like any other cat breed, there are some differences between males and females that you should keep in mind before adopting a Siamese.

We will extensively compare male and female Siamese cats to help you weigh the pros and cons and make wise decisions. With that being said, let’s pet right into it!  


Siamese male cats are generally friendlier and better at filling your day with joy. It isn’t hard to spot a male Siamese cat since they’re very friendly, cuddly, and outgoing.

However, this outgoing personality comes with the package: male Siamese cats are not secretive and will always tell you everything about their day through constant meowing! 

A Female Siamese cat is an excellent option for those seeking a submissive and humble cat. Because female Siamese cats are not as playful as males, they tend to cause fewer problems.

Male Siamese cats are similar to females regarding their physical appearance, making it super challenging to tell the difference between the two, especially when they’re still kittens.


The space between the genital opening and the anus is wider in male Siamese cats than in females. Additionally, the male genital opening is round, while the genital opening of females is vertical in shape.

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