Ragdoll Cat Characteristics That Make Them So Adorable

The Discerning Cat

When it comes to the cutest things on Earth, your thoughts might venture to puppies, babies, or kittens (basically all the little animals and things).

The Discerning Cat

Now imagine that level of cute in a fluffy cat body that loves cuddles, and you have the Ragdoll cat.

The Discerning Cat

If you are looking for a cuddly monster who will eat up all your attention, you’ve found it. These gentle giants are a lovable, playful, and downright cute addition to any home.

Ragdoll Cat Characteristics That Make Them So Adorable

Ragdolls love their humans to bits, so it makes sense that they will want to be on or near you as much as they possibly can.

Remove Your Need for Space

Ragdoll loves nothing more than to “peck and zoom” (give a kiss and run away). Their crazy antics can sometimes catch you off guard, as it can happen at most random times.

A Zooming Ball of Fur

Playing is quite high on the list for a Raggie, but not the tiring, rambunctious playing that most cats need.

Playful to a T

These zany cats are quirky, crazy, coo coo. One moment they may be making some serious eye contact, the next they can rush forward to give a quick kiss before running away.

Quirky by Nature

Whether it be washing the dishes, mopping the floor, or making the bed: your cat will follow or otherwise try to join in on everything.

You Can’t Clean Alone

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