Rare and Interesting Cat Breeds You Won’t Forget

The Discerning Cat

We love all felines at The Discerning Cat but we have to admit there are some cat breeds that stand out from the crowd. 

The Discerning Cat

These are the breeds that don’t really resemble other cat breeds and have quite uncommon features and traits.

The Discerning Cat


This playful cat breed loves attention. The Ocicat resembles a wild cat but is very playful and loving. 


A very unusual and pricey cat breed is the regal Sphynx. Well-known for its hairless coat, the Sphynx cat is a wonderfully friendly and playful cat – and they’re certainly striking.


Your Abyssinian cat may well become your best friend. This high energy cats are always on and ready for fun.

American Curl

These happy kitties are affectionate, healthy, and talkative. The name refers to the unique ears of the American Curl Cat, which curl backward in a particularly sweet way.


The Peterbald cat is a strange little fellow. With hairless, grey-silver skin, a slanted face, and large pointy ears, this Russian cat breed has certainly earned its place on this list.


Minskin cats have quite stocky bodies and rather short legs. Their coat is unique due to its lack of fur. The Minskin breed was created from the Sphynx cat breed.

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