Why Do Cats Roll in the Dirt?

Have you ever looked out into the garden to see your beloved purrfect kitty rolling gleefully in the dirt?

While our fur babies have dust baths and we fear for their beautiful silky coats getting dirty, they have good reasons for doing it.

Let’s take a peek at some reasons why cats roll in the dirt when they get outside. 

Cats often roll in the dirt to keep cool. Your kitty can have a higher body temperature, from sunbathing or sleeping near a heater.

Cooling Off

If your cat is rolling over onto its back, it is doing so because it feels safe. Cats mostly roll over when they are in their most relaxed state.

Feeling Safe

If your cats have been playing with catnip, a catnip toy, or in your catnip garden, chances are they’ll be rolling in an ecstasy of dirt.

Catnip Content

Digestive System Care

Their coats often pick up bacteria from the soil. The next time they groom themselves, they ingest these bacterias by licking. This is one-way cats can supplement their guts with good bacteria, maintaining their gastrointestinal tracts.

Unlike dogs, who may rollover as a sign of defence or submission, your kitty could do it for solicitation of attention.

Attention Seeking

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