Reasons Why Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep

Nothing makes your heart skip a beat like finding your little pussy cat curled up with a paw delicately placed over its face.

It’s a cuteness overload few cat owners can resist, and virtually all cats exhibit this behavior in their lifetimes. But why do cats cover their face when they sleep?

Is your cat being stand-offish? Or are they just comfortable? Here are the answers you’ve been looking for to this curious question about your kitty.

Yes, your kitty might be trying to block out a noise that’s preventing their restful slumber. Just like light, noise is an ambient issue that can prevent a decent doze.

They’re Blocking Out Noise

By covering their face while sleeping, they’re protecting their most assailable body part. After all, if a cat is attacked in the face and their teeth or eyes are compromised, it wouldn’t be able to ward off attackers.

It Provides Them With a Sense of Security

No one likes sleeping with bright lights around to bother them, and your feline friend is no different. It can interrupt an otherwise peaceful and restful sleep and just make you feel more tired.

They’re Blocking Out the Light

Some cats just find sleeping with their paws on their face more comfortable, and the more comfy they feel, the better quality of sleep they’ll get.

It Feels Comfortable

This is the most common reason for that dainty paw across their face. It helps keep their nose warm and retain general body heat around their faces, protecting them from draughts or cold air.

They’re Keeping Warm

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