The Discerning Cat

Reasons Why Cats Growl

Growling is a raspy, harsh, guttural sound that your sweet kitty produces for various reasons. A cat performs the sound with its mouth slightly open. 

The Discerning Cat

A cat performs the sound with its mouth slightly open. As the cat slowly exhales, air escapes causing the vocal folds to vibrate. 

The Discerning Cat

Many beg the questions, ‘Is this your house cat’s roar?’ ‘Why do cats growl?’ ‘Is he growling in pain? Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of why cats growl.

Injury, diseases, or other physical ailments like arthritis, dental disease, or urinary tract infections can lead to your feline friend growling.

They Could Be in Pain

Felines are inherently possessive creatures. If you take something that’s theirs, they’ll likely growl or hiss at you.

Felines are Possessive Creatures

If your cat thinks something or someone poses a threat, it could be growling out of despair. In that case, try to calm your kitty down.

Your Kitty is Feeling Afraid

When your cat is growling, it might be that they want to express dominance caused by the inborn territorial sense they have.

They’re Showing Dominance

Growling, accompanied by their body language, such as bristled fur, is a sure warning sign.

They’re Warning You to Back Off

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