The Discerning Cat

Reasons Why Cats Knead Their Owners 

It’s typical behavior in both kittens and adult felines alike. Some cats purr away and knead contentedly when being petted, and some may also perform the actions at random.

The Discerning Cat

Whether it’s your kitty making biscuits to show affection or to claim you as their own, kneading is a natural and common feline behavior.

The Discerning Cat

Let’s take a look into the possible reasons why our kitties knead us

The Massage of Love

When our purrfect kitty kneads us, we should take this as flattery. It means she trusts you, is feeling safe, and is expressing love. 

Demanding Attention & Expressing Affection

While you’re trying to watch TV or read and your kitty starts to knead your stomach, it may be a sign your furball wants to connect with you.

Seeking Comfort

Some cats knead to express emotions. When your feline is feeling frustrated, anxious, or depressed, they may reach out for a comforting surface to help calm themselves.

Marking Their Territory

Kneading is one of the ways cats mark their territory with their scent.

Getting Ready for a Nap

Your little ball of love sleeps a lot, and when they feel the surface is unsuitable for napping on, they will prepare to make it as comfortable before a snooze.

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