8 Reasons Why Cats Rub Their Faces on Things

Does your cat like to rub its face on everything? From you to the couch to other animals to soft toys?

There are several reasons that cats like to rub their faces on things and they can vary depending on the object being rubbed and the context.

Here are eight reasons why cats like to rub their faces on things.

To get your attention

If you’re not preparing food and they are rubbing their face against you this probably means that they want some stroking and attention.

Cats will often rub themselves up on newcomers to their home. It is part of them assessing if that newcomer is any kind of threat to them.

To Check Out Newcomers

To Trump Other Cats

Each cat is trying to rub their scent over that of the other cat or cats. They will tend to do this in the most conspicuous and high traffic areas of the home.

When your cat rubs up against you it is called “allorubbing”. This is their way of showing love and affection.

To show affection

To Pick up Scent

Sometimes your cat wants to not only provide you with their scent but also to grab some of your scent.

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