The Reasons Why Cats Sleep Next to Their Owners

The Discerning Cat

Many cat lovers would agree that having your cat sleep next to you feels like you’ve hit the jackpot and are being showered with love.

The Discerning Cat

But have you ever wondered, “why do cats sleep next to their owners rather than in their own bed?”

The Discerning Cat

I’ve put together a list of the most common reasons why cats sleep next to their owners.

The Reasons Why Cats Sleep Next to Their Owners

Cats are not pack animals like dogs, but they do enjoy companionship and spending time with their owners.

They’re Bonding With Their Human Companion

If you’re away for a couple of hours, your fur baby might show you how much they missed you by following you and settling down next to you for a snooze.

Cats Are Showing Affection

As territorial animals, felines often claim territory through particular behavior, like rubbing their head on household objects, walking on items, or headbutting their owners.

They’re Marking Their Territory

With sensitivity towards smells and sounds, cats might sleep near their owners as they are familiar with their scents and sounds.

They Feel Comforted by Their Owners

Sleeping near their owners can make cats feel a sense of safety and indicates trust in the relationship. So if your kitty is sleeping next to you, it can mean that it trusts you to provide an extra layer of defense.

They Feel Safe & Secure

As cats love warmth, you’ll often find them soaking up the sunshine during the day and sleeping in a cozy spot. Similarly, when there’s no sunlight to snooze in, cats cuddle up with their owners for the warmth of their bodies.

Cats Sleep Next to Owners For Warmth

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