Why Do Cats Twitch in Their Sleep?

Sleep is an important component in living a healthy life, and your cat appreciates getting proper rest as much as you do.

So why do cats twitch in their sleep?

It’s time to examine the most common reasons for this cat behavior and some frequently asked questions in line with this topic.

They’re more likely to twitch during REM; this is when their brain is still active, which can cause spontaneous twitching.


As mentioned above, cats go through three different stages of sleep cycles, but kittens have a fourth sleep cycle, known as activated sleep.

Nervous System Development

This is when their nervous system is developing. It’s something that all kittens experience, and it can cause twitching.

Fleas are a skin condition that can cause your cat to twitch during their sleep. If their skin is irritated, their body can move or make slight twitching movements in a bid to get the itchiness to go away.


Cats can have allergies, matted fur, or skin infections that may lead to excessively itchy skin. This can all cause them to twitch in their sleep.

Other Skin Conditions

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