How Long Can a Cat Go Without Eating?

It is a stressful time for any parent when their child isn’t feeling well – including pet parents.

So when you notice that your cat isn’t eating well, you might already be on high alert.

There can be a variety of reasons why their appetite may be waning. Here are a few causes.

Believe it or not, cats can get depression. They are also not immune to stress and anxiety. These psychological reasons could cause a lack of appetite or an increase in vomiting.

Psychological Reasons

If your pet is burdened by constipation or indigestion, one of the very first signs will be a lack of appetite.

Digestive Issues

Sometimes it’s not the food that causes a lack of appetite but your feline’s mouth itself. If you notice your cat drooling, check their teeth and gums for any signs of dental problems.

Dental Problems

Often, loss of appetite is merely a symptom of another illness. This is why it is vital to monitor the situation to gauge the severity of the illness.


Cats, like humans, can suffer from neophobia– the fear of new things. That is why a sudden change in routine or environment can cause strain.

Change in Routine

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