Why Do Cats Purr and Then Bite You?

The Discerning Cat

Cats are an interesting species. They are the epitome of mixed signals. One moment they will be loving, purring, and stroking themselves on you.

The Discerning Cat

The next moment you have some tiny teeth digging into your skin. Why do cats purr and then bite you?

The Discerning Cat

Animal behaviorists have many different theories on why cats purr and then bite you based on animal instinct and years of studying cat behavior.

Reasons Why Your Cat Purrs and Then Bites You

Another reason your cat may be purring and then suddenly bite you is that they’re in pain. Their fur can trap static electricity. This means the movement of your hand causes the static to build up and can give them little shocks on their skin.


Are they lethargic or depressed? Have they been eating less than usual? If so, your friend may be feeling under the weather, and they’re trying to tell you.

Your Kitty is Unwell

Petting aggression relates to overstimulation. The cat gets overstimulated from all the touch and petting they’re receiving and ends up lashing out at you.

Petting Aggression

Cats use purring as a way to calm themselves down when they’re under stress — kind of how we are taught to do breathing exercises or count to ten.

Purring as a Warning

Cats give each other love bites to show affection, and they will do the same to you. These usually aren’t hard bites but little nips.

Love Bites

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