6 Reasons Why Your Siamese Cat is Shedding Excessively

It can happen that, apart from the seasonal molts, your Siamese cat might start shedding more than usual. Much more.

There are a few reasons why this could happen, so let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

Don’t worry—some of them are pretty benign, but others might require vet intervention or a lifestyle change.

If your pampered feline is an indoor cat and you keep your home at a constant temperature, they might shed continuously because their bodies can’t determine seasonal changes.

Air-conditioning and Heating

The most common stressors for a cat are moving to a new home, excessive noise, lack of mental stimulation, loneliness, new pets or family members, or an unstable daily routine.

Stress and Anxiety

Even humans will lose their hair if they suffer from malnourishment. This is not to say you’re starving your little furball, but perhaps their food isn’t as nutrient-rich as they need it for general good health.

Dietary Issues

Fleas and mites not only induce an uncomfortable tickle, they can cause allergic reactions that are actually painful.


There are a couple of worrying illnesses that can cause your kitty’s hair to drop like it’s hot, such as liver issues, kidney disease, fungal infections, bacterial infections, and cancer.


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