Surprising Reasons Why Your Cat Smells So Good

The Discerning Cat

So, you are all curled up with your feline friend after a long day. As you nuzzle into their fur, you might ask, “why do cats smell good?”

The Discerning Cat

For animals that don’t often require baths, they sure do an excellent job of staying clean and smelling good.

The Discerning Cat

There are many reasons why your cat smells good. Here are six things you should know about your cat’s scent.

Surprising Reasons Why Your Cat Smells So Good

After hunting and feeding, cats will meticulously clean their coats to eliminate the smell of the prey, which may attract other predators.

Survival of The Freshest

As a cat’s tongue moves through its fur, the tongue’s texture acts as a fine comb, separating and organizing each strand. At the same time, the cat’s body oils are distributed through the fur.

Cats Have A Personal Perfume

Yes, you read that correctly. Your cat probably smells good because you love them. Love is also part of why other cats don’t smell as good as your kitty.

Because You Love Them

Whether they’ve rolled around in your lemon grass or pounced on your petunias, cats often carry the scents of their environment. Since it’s your environment, it also adds to how you perceive your cat’s scent.

They Smell Like Home

Those warm and almost nutty smells from your cat, especially after sleeping, result from feelings of affection and comfort. They come from around the cat’s head area, like behind those little ears.

They Have Scent Secreting Glands

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