The 13 Most Important Things About Toyger Cat 2023

The Toyger cat is an exotic breed characterized by its captivating tiger-like appearance. These domestic cats are known for their grand markings and energetic personality.

The Toyger breed is a friendly cat breed that loves being around others. Toygers are low-maintenance kitties, but you’ll need to provide proper cat care to keep them happy and healthy.

If you’re considering adopting a sweet Toyger, you’ll need to determine whether it is the perfect pet for you. Fortunately, you’ll find 13 intriguing Toyger facts to help you decide.

Although Toygers are small cats that look like tigers, they are entirely domesticated cats. You won’t find any wild blood in these cute cats.

Toygers Are Not Wild Cats

The Toyger cat breed originates from cross-breeding between a Bengal cat and a striped domestic shorthair. The initial development of the Toyger occurred in the 1980s by a breeder named Judy Sugden.

History of the Toyger Cat Breed

In 1993, The International Cat Association (TICA) accepted the Toyger for registration only. The Toyger breed received full recognition in 2007 as a Championship Breed in the TICA.

Toyger Breed Recognition

Toygers are social, energetic, and affectionate cats. These high-energy kitties enjoy a good adventure, but they tend to stay close to their loved ones.

Toyger Cat Temperament

The Toyger is characterized by eye-catching dark brown to black markings on its soft fur. The coat pattern may be branched vertical stripes or stretched rosettes.

Toyger Characteristics

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