Most Adorable Cat Names

The Discerning Cat

There’s no denying that cats are one of the most adorable pets. They’re gifted with whiskers, cute noses, and big beautiful eyes. Not to mention their curious nature and affectionate side.

The Discerning Cat

If you’re getting a new kitten, it’s important you give them a name that is as cute as they are. However, choosing a name when you don’t know your feline’s behavior and personality can be tricky.

The Discerning Cat

From popular ones like Luna to food-inspired cat names like Kit Kat, there are cute cat names for every kitty

13 of the Most Adorable Cat Names 

Peanut(s) is another unique, adorable unisex name you can give to your feline. It’s perfect for cats with brown or orange fur such as the Burmese or Devon Rex breed of cats.


Apart from sounding delightful, it’s a great name for a cat that loves staying up through the night admiring the starry sky. It’s also a wonderful choice if you’re searching for some cool grey cat names.


Ruby, the name for a symbolic jewel representing purity and passion, is a cute cat name for a female feline. It’s perfect if the kitty is your first and you look at it as a “crown jewel” you’ll cherish forever.


Like “Snuggles”, the name is appropriate for kitties that love to cuddle with you or other members of your family.


Snuggles is one of the easier names to give based on behavior because some kittens are naturally cuddly and will show this behavior early.

Captain Snuggles/Snuggles

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