The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats

The Discerning Cat

Cats are generally known for being quite savvy, unlike their arch enemies dogs. But how smart are cats?

The Discerning Cat

It is always hard to tell with our enigmatic furry friends. But some cat breeds are definitely believed to have bigger brains than others.

The Discerning Cat

Smartest Cat Breeds

Japanese Bobtail The Japanese bobtail breed has a single coat that doesn’t tend to shed much hair. This breed also loves grooming itself which minimises the amout of work required by owners.

Korat These handsome kitties are very outgoing and live a long life – between 15 and 20 years on average. They are very loving and like to follow their owners everywhere – even into the bathroom.

Balinese They are very similar to the Siamese cat breed but have a longer coat and they rarely weigh more than 5kgs.

Bengal This short-haired cat breed sheds less frequently than other cat breeds and requires less grooming maintenance from their owners.

Savannah One of the most expensive cat breeds, the Savannah is a fabulous mix of a genuinely wild cat (cerval) and a domestic cat. This gives them very stylish cheetah markings on their coats.

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