The Real Importance of the Cat's Tail

The Discerning Cat

I adore my Siberian cat Alexei’s tail. It is so big and fluffy and I love how it flicks and sways depending on his mood.

The Discerning Cat

So sure, I enjoy his tail but does he need a tail? And why does he have one in the first place? I don’t – I have always thought it must be quite fun to have a tail. Anyway, I digress.

The Discerning Cat

To understand their surroundings

The nerves in a cat’s tail also send signals to a cats body to help it to coordinate a response to the environment it is in.

To communicate

You cat’s tail is a key indicator of its mood. We all know that a wagging tail in a dog generally means it is happy.

To get rid of an irritation

They can whack their tail around a bit to try to clear the area of whatever is bothering them.

For Balance

This is particularly important when they are walking or running along narrow ledges such as fences or shelves.

To send a message to other cats

If your cat is around other kitties and puts its tail in the air this is a sign that the other cats are welcome to come and have a good sniff around.

To keep warm

Have you noticed that often when your cat curls up and has a snooze they wrap their tail around themselves? This is to keep them warm whilst they nap or sleep.

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