The Top 14 Cutest Cat Breeds

You'll Want to Cuddle With

Cats are so often seen as being offhand and disinterested.

But there are quite a few affectionate cat breeds that can cuddle just as much as dogs.

And there are few things nicer than having snuggles with a cuddly pussycat! Here are the 14 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds.

Known to be real gentle giants, they’re often referred to as the dogs of the cat world thanks to the unique Maine Coon personality.

Maine Coon

Scottish Fold cats, named for their unusual folded ears and striking, yellowish-orange eye colors, these kitties just love to be around people and are very social.

Scottish Fold

Their most fascinating feature is their tendency to lie limp when you pick them up (as opposed to most cats, who squirm out of your hold as soon as they can). And they love being held.


This is one kitty that doesn’t like to complain and will be not just your friend but a friend to any guests as well.


These high-energy cats are always on and ready for fun. What they love most is being close to their owner so they will tend to be in whatever room you are in.


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