The Werewolf Cat Breed

16 Interesting Facts

The werewolf cat is actually a legitimate breed called the Lykoi cat. It’s called the werewolf cat because of the unusual appearance of its coat, which resembles that of a werewolf.

It has a unique combination of build and color, but the real shocker is its unusual hair pattern. It has patchy, thin, and wiry hair, which from time to time sheds to such a degree, the cat appears hairless.

This cat also has the strange ability to change skin color, believe it or not!  Let’s take a look at this interestingly strange breed of feline, the Lykoi.

The first Lykoi cats discovered were indeed feral felines. The word adopted for the cat was “Lykoi”, derived from the Greek word for “wolf”.

Lykoi Cat Discovery: Where It Started

Breeders have sought to preserve the look of the cat by breeding the discovered Lykoi with domestic black cats.

Preserving the Appearance of Lykoi Cats

Lykoi cats are considered unique in that they were found as ferals and strays. The fact that they are now becoming a somewhat in-demand cat makes it a rather fortunate discovery.

The Second Chance Breed

They do lack an undercoat, so their fur is indeed thin, and in some places basically non-existent.

Lykoi Cats Are Hairless (Sort Of)

A classic Lykoi has a combination of fur colors as it is partly black and partly amelanistic. This means that some of its hair has no melanin and is therefore colorless.

Physical Description Of  Lykoi Hair and Color

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