These Are The Best Lap Cat Breeds To Have In Your Home

There are many affectionate cat breeds who are almost always down for a cuddle.

These friendly felines crave attention and appreciate quality lap time with their favorite humans.

If you’re someone who enjoys close contact with your pets, these are the best lap cat breeds to have in your home.

They’ll play and cuddle next to a child with the same enthusiasm as they would with an adult. The Devon Rex will gladly live with other cats, dogs, and sometimes birds and rabbits.

Devon Rex

They are people-oriented and love being part of the family. If they’re not getting enough attention, they’ll let you know.


The Russian Blue is a gorgeous gray cat breed that loves to cuddle but isn’t overly clingy. They make great family pets and are affectionate with everyone in the household.

Russian Blue


One of their most endearing features is that they love to play and perform tricks. They often stay energetic and spritely well past kittenhood. 

They want to be everyone’s friend and part of the family. They love quality time with their humans, which they feel should involve plenty of lap cuddles.

Maine Coon

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