These Cat Breeds Actually Like Swimming in Water

The Discerning Cat

There are freaks in every crowd, and that’s not a bad thing.

The Discerning Cat

In the case of cats generally hating water, there are a few breeds that buck the trend and seem to actually love the idea of going for a swim.

The Discerning Cat

Or, at the very least, don’t mind it so much.

These Cat Breeds Actually Like Swimming in Water

Bengal tigers are legendary. But what about the domestic version? As a wild hybrid, people attribute the Bengal’s genetics as a probable reason for its relative comfort around water.

The Bengal

The legend of this cat is such that it is casually called “the swimming cat”. The story goes that they developed an ability to swim really well when they learned that swimming out to fishing boats would be rewarded with a good meal.

The Turkish Van

The Maine Coon’s love of water may actually be due to its background. They are the “dogs of the cat world”, according to some. They are large and have thick coats that are really good against cold and wetness.

The Maine Coon

Their relationship with water is fascinating. For example, they actually like to scoop water with their paws when drinking. What kind of cat does that?

For some reason, Abyssinians are fairly comfortable exploring bodies of water. Others suggest that an Indian Ocean background may contribute to the Abys’ love of water.

The Abyssinian

Chances are you won’t see your cat swimming voluntarily. But it’s good to know that it will more than likely be okay if it does get itself into a situation. It won’t be happy, though.

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