6 Things Cat Owners Need to Know About Cats and Cheese

As you are preparing a wonderfully fragrant dinner of cheese and crackers, a piece of gouda falls on the floor, oh no!

You might be getting into a fritz right about the time Princess Mittens gobbles it up. What now? Are cats allowed to eat cheese?

Don’t stress, as we are here to set the record straight.

The problem that arises is that cats may have a dairy allergy (lactose intolerance) just like us humans (in fact, most cats have a form of lactose intolerance).

Is Dairy Good For Cats?

As it can have a strong smell (with smell being one of the major senses for a cat), your kitty might just want to sample it to see what the fuss is about.

Do Cats Like Cheese?

Cheese is on the list of foods that have a high protein content. This alone can already be enticing to them, but adding in the fact that cheese is quite salty and fatty too, and you have a (horrible) masterpiece.

What Do Cats Like about Cheese?

You have to look at their regular diets and think about it as a human: as you get older, your body “forgets” how to digest certain foods, or struggles to do so, thus eating it again will probably cause stomach upsets, etc.

Can Cats Have Cheese?

While it is true that they are “more used” to having dairy in their system, they are still kittens. A lot of common things can be dangerous to them.

Can Kittens Eat Cheese and Dairy?

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