13 Things to Know About British Shorthair Chinchilla Kitties

The Discerning Cat

Jewel green eyes, natural black makeup, and a luxurious snow-white coat are the prominent features of the Silver Shaded British Shorthair.

The Discerning Cat

If you’re looking to find yourself a dazzling, adorable, green-eyed pussycat, British Shorthair (BSH) Chinchillas may just be the perfect kitty for you.

The Discerning Cat

Let’s take a look at some interesting things to know about these soft-furred kitties and what makes them so special.

13 Things to Know About British Shorthair Chinchilla

It’s believed these kitties descended from Roman cats and were brought to the British Isles by the Romans.

British Shorthair Chinchilla History

These kitties may boast beautiful green or blue-green eyes. The rims of their eyes, nose, and lips are all black, as are their paw pads.

Chinchilla British Short hair Appearance

Their undercoats are pure white, and their coats on their back, flanks, head, and tails are sufficiently tipped with black, giving it a sparkling silver appearance.

Silver Chinchilla’s Have Dazzling Coats

These adorable, cute, stubby little furballs are super playful and full of energy. And they enjoy tons of games with their owners.

British Shorthair Kittens

Once your British Shorthair Chinchilla has reached maturity, they will have developed strong legs and a broad chest. Male Chinchillas can weigh around 13 – 20 lb, while females can weigh around 9 – 13 lb.

British Shorthair Adults

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