11 Things You Need to Know

About Rottweilers and Cats

As a cat owner, there’s a chance you like dogs too. And many cat owners indeed have homes with other pets – cats and dogs especially.

But, for those new to this setup, introducing a dog to a cat home or vice-versa comes with many questions. You might even be wondering if dogs really hate cats.

So the question at hand is: Would a Rottweiler make for a good choice of dog in a home with cats? Do they, in fact, get along? Or are you inviting trouble by considering it?

If you’ve never owned dogs before and are unfamiliar with managing dog personalities and behavior, you may inadvertently mistrain your dog and cause problematic and unwanted behavior.

A Rottweiler Shouldn’t Be Your First Dog

Rottweilers are actually quite playful and silly, given the right circumstances. Many owners are happy to have their dogs around other pets and children.

Rottweiler Reputations Are Somewhat Unfair

They adopt a protective role as they grow older. This is why proper socialization is important.

Rottweilers Are Protective

If you know your cat well, you should be able to anticipate whether introducing a dog is a good idea. Factors such as confidence, age, and experience with other dogs may all be a factor.

Think About the Animal Personalities

There’s a primary rule when introducing animals that don’t know each other. Don’t leave them alone until you are absolutely certain that they are friendly and get along.

Don’t Rush Things

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