7 Easy Tips and Tricks On How To Get A Cat To Eat

The Discerning Cat

What do you do when your feline companion suddenly stops eating? He no longer enjoys his favorite treats and pulls his nose up to a tasty meaty meal.

The Discerning Cat

Cat parents know that these furry friends are notoriously picky, especially when it comes to food, and not knowing why they refuse to eat can cause anxiety and stress.

The Discerning Cat

Here are some easy to follow tips to trick your whiskered friend into eating.

Tips and Tricks On How To Get A Cat To Eat

Try to stick to a specific eating schedule for your cat. Avoid overfeeding him by leaving dry food in his bowl.

Never Free Feed Your Cat

A bouncy, busy cat will work up an appetite. A rolling ball or mysterious flying feather will get him excited.

Playtime Before Meal Time

Reduce his discomfort by switching out his round, deep bowl for a wide-rimmed, shallow saucer.

The Right Bowl

Just like their human parents, cats are stimulated by smells. It will spark their hunger and have them running into the kitchen in no time.

Heat Up Wet Food

Mix up a small amount of wet food along with his dry food to get him adjusted to the new texture.

Rotate His Food Selection, But Not Too Much

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