5 Tuxedo  Cat Breeds -  Is What They  Say True?


There is quite a bit of mythology around tuxedo cat breeds. Not many of the claims around this breed seem to be validated by a vigorous research process but they are interesting.

These myths include tuxedo cats being the strongest swimmers of all cats, being more intelligent than other cats and that they open their eyes 24 hours before all other types of cats.

What is factual is that a tuxedo cat has run for a political office (Stan in Halifax, Canada), President Clinton had a tuxedo cat whilst he was in the White House (Socks) and that a tuxedo cat once inherited over $USD6 million (Sparky).

Here are  5 Gorgeous Tuxedo Cat Breeds

1. Japanese Bobtail

2. Munchkin  Cats

3. Maine Coon

4. Cymrics

5. British  Short Hair

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