Unique Korean Cat Names That You Will Absolutely Adore

While owning a cat gives you relief from stress, coming up with a name can be tough.

To help you find the right name for your little furball, we have summed up our pick of the 13 best Korean cat names.

And to ensure the name is truly a perfect fit, we’ve included the meanings as well.

Common among most cats, and arguably their cutest feature, is their big round eyes. Nam-sun is a name that means exactly that.


Another popular cat name in Korea is No-rang-i, which means “Goldie” or “Yellowie” in English.



If you’ve watched any Korean drama, you’ve most probably heard the phrase “saranghae”, which means “I love you”.

A suitable Korean name for just about any cat is Ya-oong-i, which simply means “Meowie”. If there’s one thing cats are well-renowned for, it’s meowing.


It is derived from the phrase “yeppuda”, meaning “to be pretty”. Ye-bin is also the name of several famous Koreans, including the South Korean beauty queen Yoo Ye-bin.


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