What Does it Mean When a Cat Licks You?

Reasons You  Should Know

We all love our adorable felines – from their purrfect little stares to their rough, bristled tongues that lick us as though we’re a tasty snack. But what does it mean when a cat licks you? 

Many assume kitties lick them as a sure sign of love which isn’t that far off. While it’s difficult to determine whether cats feel complex emotions such as love, licking is a sign of affection.

Cats also designate members to allogrooming – to lick each other. Let’s take a further look into why cats lick us.

In the same way that you pet your cat to show affection; your feline may return the favor by giving you a lick – or ten.

She’s Displaying Affection

Licking, headbutting, and kneading are some of the other ways your feline is claiming you as part of their territory – affectionately.

Cats Lick to Mark You as Their Territory

Felines are notorious bathers. They love to lounge around, bathing and napping throughout the day. Cats are clean animals, as you can tell by their well-maintained, neat appearance.

She’s Grooming You

Spill something tasty on your arm? Don’t get a shock to find your furry friend sliding up next to you to get a lick of it.

She Tastes Something Interesting

Licking humans and other cats can be a sign that your cat is feeling calm. Contrary to this, anxiety can also be a cause for licking.

Your Kitty is Feeling Anxious

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