The Discerning Cat

What Does It Mean When A Cat Stares At You? 

If you’ve caught your cat intently staring, you might have felt like they were trying to communicate.

The Discerning Cat

Whether you’re worried about their well being, curious about your cat’s behavior, or just plain creeped out. You’re not alone in wondering what it means when a cat stares at you.

The Discerning Cat

Let’s review what’s known about the topic.

They’re Hungry

This is one of the most likely reasons that your cat is staring at you. Many cats are food-oriented creatures. So

They’re Trying To Get Your Attention

We all know that cats can be absolute divas – especially the “only children.” When their Royal Majesties request your attention, they very well expect it.

They’re Showing Affection

Despite many misconceptions that cats are cold and heartless, they can be wonderfully affectionate to their owners and very protective. 

They’re Agitated or Angry

If you’re forcing a cat to be bathed, groomed, or participate in any other “unauthorized” activity, chances are they’re not going to forget about it any time soon.

They’re Scared or in Pain

In a few instances, cats may come to you when they’re nervous or experiencing discomfort. 

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