Why Do Cats Expose Their Tongues?

16 Reasons

There is a multitude of reasons, from the innocuous to symptoms of bigger health and wellness issues. But, not every instance is a reason to rush to the vet yet.

Unless this is paired with one or more symptoms, you and your pet should be in the clear.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering, ‘why does my cat stick his tongue out?’ Keep reading as I break down all of the possible reasons for this odd habit.

This situation often occurs after your cat has had a grooming session and ends up with some hair on its little exfoliating tongue.

Your Cat Has Hair on Its Tongue

Thankfully it is harmless. Cats use all of their sense to explore the world, including their tongues, and sometimes they just forget to put their tongues back in their mouths.

Your Cat Is Blepping

Cats will usually stick out its tongue to rid themselves of the bad taste if they’ve had an untasty meal.

Your Cat Wants To Get Rid of a Bad Taste in Its Mouth

Sometimes when your cat is in a very relaxed sleeping position, half asleep, or is being groomed, they may be so relaxed that their tongue just kind of falls out of their mouth a bit.

Your Cat Is Very Relaxed

In some flat-faced cat breeds like Persians, a cat’s tongue is almost always out of its mouth. This is due to the shape of your cat’s mouth and the fact that there isn’t much room.

Your Cat’s Mouth Is Out of Room

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