Why Do Cats Sleep By Your Feet?

The Discerning Cat

Your cat happens to like you if it’s sleeping in your general vicinity. At the very least, it trusts you.

The Discerning Cat

So, when you’ve bedded down for the night, why does it insist on finding a spot near the end of the bed at your feet?

The Discerning Cat

Why Do Cats Sleep By Your Feet? 8 Reasons

First, you can almost always safely assume you have earned a degree of trust if a cat is sleeping at your feet and on your bed.

A Question of Trust

Human beds are warm and attractive for a cat looking to sleep, especially on a cold night. Besides, body heat is the best for warming up while sleeping, which is why kittens and puppies sleep in a heap.

Heat Magnets

It seems obvious to say, but beds are comfortable. Moreover, if your cat has her fluffy cat blanket at the foot of the bed, it probably smells familiar and inviting.

Beds are Comfortable

It may knead or rub itself on your blankets, in which case it is marking it as its place. From that point, sleeping in that spot will feel familiar.


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