Why Do Cats Stare at Walls? 

 6 Reasons for This Behavior

Is there a ghoulish ghosty hovering in your kitchen corner just beyond your sight?

Some people believe that cats are staring at spirits when they fixate on a wall that seemingly has nothing of interest to offer them.

But the truth is your kitchen is not haunted (well, probably not, anyway). So why do cats stare at walls?

They Can See Better Than You

Perhaps they’re watching dust particles floating through the air, or a tiny insect buzzing around lazily. Sometimes what they find interesting is all but unseen to us.

They’re Having a “Moment”

The brains of our kitty companions are wired differently from ours. Sometimes they experience somewhat of a reboot where they freeze mid-action and appear to be working something out.

If they’re entering their twilight cat years, they may begin to suffer from cognitive decline. This means they can become confused or disoriented, which causes them to stare mutely into space.

They’re Not as Young as They Used to Be

They Might Have Hyperesthesia

Essentially, it’s when an area of the skin becomes highly sensitive, and the discomfort and anxiety can cause them to space out and stare.

Head pressing can indicate brain tumors, poisoning, metabolic disorders, or infectious disease. But there will be other telltale signs too.

Head Pressing? They Might be Seriously Ill

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