Why Does Everyone Want a Munchkin Bengal Mix Cat? 

The Discerning Cat

Much like a Minskin cat, the Genetta is engineered breed. Both parent breeds have specific traits that contribute to its looks, including short legs and exotic patterns and coloring.

The Discerning Cat

The Bengal isn’t a small cat, but has less hair. The Munchkin carries a gene that produces short legs in a small cat.

The Discerning Cat

And no, there are no genet genes involved in the creation of a Genetta cat. Let’s take a closer look at this unusual breed and what you need to know about them.

Everything You Need to Know About the Munchkin Bengal Mix

Genetta cats are active and intelligent. They are known for a number of positive personality characteristics, including being very trainable.

Genettas Have Social Personalities

Like Minskin and other Munchkin cats, they are playful and love to galavant, climb, run and pounce.

Genetta Cats Can Play Like Normal Cats

The International Cat Association recognizes the breed. The Rare and Exotic Feline Registry and the Dwarf Cat Association will also accept a registration of a Genetta cat.

The Genetta is a Recognized Breed (Mostly)

Although there are no ailments specific to Genetta cats, some vulnerabilities are passed down from their parent breeds.

Genetta Cats Do Not Suffer From Specific Health Problems

It does, in fact, shed, though very minimally on the cat-shedder scale. It is – in technical terms – a “low-shedding cat”.

Genetta Cats Are Technically Not Hypoallergenic

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