Why Does My Cat Attack Me?

8 Reasons You Should Know

Anyone who’s owned a cat carries scars on their hands and fingers, but that’s normal for feline owners.

Almost everyone will talk about how they got those scars with adoration, rather than scorn.

If you’re finding living with your cat increasingly stressful because of aggressive behavior towards you, keep reading.

Part of play is learning to hunt and deal with prey. So it’s natural that claws and teeth come into the equation.

Kitty is Over-Enthusiastic When Playing

When a cat is experiencing extreme anxiety or fear, it can turn to aggression. This is purely defensive, and usually occurs when it feels trapped or under threat.

Your Cat Attacks You in Fear Mode

If your cat suddenly becomes aggressive when touched, this may be a red flag. And there could be several different ailments that provoke an attack.

Your Cat May Have a Medical Issue

There May Be Latent Sexual Aggression Behaviors

When petting your cat, you may experience a sudden grabbing and biting that may have its origin in this sexual instinct or even incorrect sexual imprinting.

Cats are predators. They hunt things. And when they’re young, a lot of play is focused on learning to hunt.

Your Cat is Being His Natural Predator Self

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