Why Does my Cat Drool?

The Discerning Cat

Cat drool doesn’t look like dog drool. Dog drool tends to be long whisks of saliva. You won’t be surprised to hear that cat drool is much tidier.

The Discerning Cat

It tends to take the form of a single or small number of drops of saliva under the cat’s mouth.

The Discerning Cat

They are nauseous

Like humans, cats tend to drool when they are vomiting. There can be many reasons why your cat is vomiting from serious issues to those that are not a cause for concern.

Oral or Dental Health Issues

Gum disease or abscessed teeth can cause a cat to drool as can the build-up of tartar on their teeth. 

They are scared or stressed

Fear or stress can stimulate drooling in cats. You may find that when you put your cat in their carrier to take it to the vet there can be some drooling.

They Smell Food

We all know about Pavlov’s Dog study and the link between food and salivating. Does this hold true for cats? Not usually but some cats may drool when they smell food.

They are too hot

Heatstroke in cats in general isn’t common. However, long-haired and flat-faced cat breeds such as Persians are more likely to suffer in the heat.

They are relaxed and content

The most common reason for cats drooling is a good one – they are drooling because they are happy. It is quite common for cats to drool when they are kneading or purring.

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