Why Does My Cat Grab My Hand and Bite Me?

Many owners of a cat have lamented the dreaded claw and bite that came out of nowhere. It’s the reason you can spot a cat owner by simply looking at their hands.

Cats grab with their paws and claws purely instinctively, and all cats do it. They also do it for a number of wildly different reasons, from distress to play, from hunting to simple curiosity.

Let’s take a look into a number of these reasons, with some insight into what sparks the behavior and how to try to avoid it from hurting you.

Cats are affectionate beings, and some offer little nibbles and bites that are really about showing that they are trying to tell you something in a gentle way.

Love Bites

If you happen to be reaching for or petting your cat, they may respond in a defensive manner. Especially if they may be hurt or are carrying some condition you may be unaware of.

You May Be Accidentally Causing Pain

Sometimes, your cat gets an adrenaline rush, or more accurately, an energy boost. And when that happens, your hands are fair game, especially if your cats haven’t been conditioned otherwise.

You May Be Witnessing Cat Power!

On to a much more fun reason for grabbing and biting (though no less painful). When cats play, they use their paws and mouths. Sometimes, your cat is simply trying to have fun.

You Are Being Asked to Play

Sometimes a cat simply mistakes your casual passing petting for a play date. Before you know it, it’s claw city.

They Think You Wanted to Play

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