Why Does My Cat Keep Sneezing?

The Discerning Cat

There are as many reasons for cats to sneeze as there are cat videos on YouTube. But we can cut down on those reasons by saying upfront that we aren’t talking about the occasional sneeze here.

The Discerning Cat

It’s not exceptionally uncommon for cats to develop sneezing afflictions, and cat shelters often have isolation rooms for sneezy cats. Some of the reasons for that sneezing may explain why.

The Discerning Cat

As with human flu, cat flu brings on sneezing, watery eyes, and the dreaded runny nose.

Cat Flu

Viruses are infectious and are usually passed from cat to cat. Some viruses are carried for life in a dormant state.

Cat Flu & Respiratory Infections

Here are a few irritants that might cause sneezing in the feline member of your family: - Candles - Cat litter - Cigarette smoke

Nasal Irritants

As odd as it may sound, sneezing can be a side effect of dental disease or disorder. Any infection of that general palate area may also affect the respiratory membranes that lead to sneezing.

Dental Issues

Bits of plants or dirt lodged in this way can cause major sneezing fits. In many cases, once the offending object is dislodged, the sneezing will alleviate.

Foreign Bodies

Sneezing could be amongst these side-effects, especially if medication has been administered via the mouth or nose.

Vax Side Effects

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