the discerning cat

Why Does my Cat Lie on My Chest?

As a cat parent, it’s handy to know as much as you can about your feline, such as how best to care for your cat, and even what their different behaviors mean - like why does my cat lay on my chest?

Your Cat Loves You


This may sound simple, but a physical touch from your cat can be as uncomplicated as them showing you they love you..

They're suckers for some warmth


It’s no secret that cats like to sit, lie, and curl up in warm place - like you!

Your heartbeat soothes them


These bodily rhythms remind them of the gentle purrs from their parents and can be deeply hypnotizing and calming.

Your Cat is Trying to Claim You


They mark their territory by spreading their scent or simply sitting and claiming ownership over a particular spot.

They seek security or comfort


Familiar scents go a long way toward making your kitty feel reassured.

Opening your eyes first thing in the morning and seeing a cat face or butt may be the dream for some, but for others, it’s less ideal.  So what do you do if you DON'T want your cat to lie on your chest?

The compromise for both parties is to get a cat bed - but place the cat bed by your couch or bed. Throw in that old sweater that smells like you, and you’ve got a winning combo