Why Does My Cat Slap Me with Their Tail?

If your cat is hitting you with its tail there may be several explanations.

The first is that your cat may be looking to show interest. My cat is very interested in the everyday activities of a household like cleaning up the kitchen.

If you are trying to stop your cat from “helping” during times like this it may well hit you with its tail to indicate that it is interested in what you are doing and would like to be involved.

As cats can only tolerate being petted for a relatively short period of time compared to say a dog it has some interesting ways of showing its affections.

A cat hitting you with its tail may well be a sign of its love for you.

If your cat is wrapping its tail around your legs rather than actually hitting you it may well be trying to tell you that it is nervous or concerned.

This may happen if your cat is in a new environment or if you have new people like say workmen in your home. It is a little like your cat trying to hold your hand when it feels a bit scared.

These tail taps can also be a sign that your cat is angry with you. As your cat will also use its tail to knock items over to let you know when it isn’t happy it may also wait until you are relaxing to give you a good tail whack so you understand that they aren’t happy.

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