Why Does My Cat Sleep with Me? Reasons Pets Want to Cuddle

The Discerning Cat

There are specific answers to “why does my cat sleep with me,” and it’s 100% worth learning about these.

The Discerning Cat

Understanding why they indulge in this behavior will help you to better care for and bond with your feline.

The Discerning Cat

Many of the factors that drive your fur baby to sit on your lap are the very same ones that lead him to curl up beside you in bed. Let’s take a closer look at this kitty behavior.

There’s safety in numbers: at least one of you will wake up in a dangerous scenario, and two is better than one in a fight.


Felines experience heat differently than we do. While human body temperature rests around 98°F,  theirs is at 102°F. To maintain that temperature without working their bodies too hard, these animals seek warm places to relax.


By sleeping next to you in your bed, your cat is leaving her mark all over you and the bed. She is claiming you and your bed as hers.

Territorial Behavior

Your cat trusts you to protect her when she is at her most vulnerable. That’s incredibly heart-warming.

Trust and Love

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