Why does the tail of my cat shake? 2023

Have you sometimes noticed that your cat, as cute as they are, happens to be standing by the doorway with their tail shaking vigorously? Did it alarm you?

Sometimes, the cat may even seem particularly relaxed. Some of the behavior is learned, some of it is instinctual, and it’s a little bit of both in most cases.

We’ll look at what to expect, and what you may need to look out for when it comes to your cat’s tail shaking. As is often the case with cats, explaining such behavior can have many possibilities.

A Straight, Quivering Tail When your cat’s tail is pointed straight up and quivering, it is most likely just excited and happy to see you.

2 Different Types of Shaking May Mean

The very tip of the tail will sometimes twitch when your cat has seen something that it is interested in. It may mean that they have spotted a possible prey or item for play.

Tail Tip Twitching

Anxiety We know that the tip of the tail shaking means high concentration, as they’re looking at something in anticipation of catching or playing with it.

Emotions Associated with Tail Shaking

Twitching and shaking are pretty easily mistaken for one another, so it’s possible that your cat may actually be angry.


A vibrating tail is often a precursor to more intense tail swishing. Be sure to look out for the switch. The best idea is to walk away at that point.


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