How to Keep Cats Away From Plants | 8 Tips to Keep Houseplants Safe

The Discerning Cat

For some curious reason known only to them, cats seem to enjoy terrorizing and destroying perfectly helpless houseplants. 

The Discerning Cat

This can be especially problematic if you have an indoor cat in the same house as your plants all day long. You find yourself in a difficult situation where you love both your plant and fur babies and wish they could just get along.

The Discerning Cat

If you find your cat happily chewing on your plants’ leaves, it may be that they enjoy the taste. Just like human babies, cats explore the world with their mouths.

3 Common Problems With Cats and Houseplants

Train Your Cat to Stay Away You may think that cats can’t be trained like their canine counterparts, but this isn’t true. Although it may take longer and require different methods, cats can be trained.

8 Tips on How to Keep Cats Away from Plants

There are plants with smells or textures that cats don’t like. Naturally, they will stay away from these plants and not try to chew on them.

Grow Plants that Cats Dislike

This is a great solution if your cat digs through your potted plants and uses them as a litter box. Cats like digging in loose, soft soil.

Cover the Plant Base

Another option is to place something on the ground or counter around your potted plants. Certain textures and loud noises are unpleasant for cats and they will avoid them.

Create unpleasant surroundings

Moving your plants from their place on the floor or table may help them to live longer. A plant that is easy to reach for your cat makes for an appealing plaything.

Change Your Plant Placement

There are ways to keep your plants in their current placement while making them inaccessible to your furry friend. You can place your plants inside a glass cloche, small terrarium, or decorative birdcage.

Make Plants Inaccessible

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